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Apparently there’s a WordPress app for Android. This I’d especially fortuitous because just today I resolved to do a lot more shooting. Lately it seems like the only shooting I do anymore is for jobs or friends. I hardly ever shoot for me anymore.

So I’ve resolved to pulling my GF1 out of my bag more often. Likewise I’ll be doing more shooting with, as Chase Jarvis calls it, the best camera (the on I have with me). And while it won’t be a 365 project (I’m personally not a fan of them), I’ll try to post when I can.

The image above is just something that caught my eye on my way home earlier. The picture of the cat just makes the poster.

EDIT: As it turns out, uploading from my phone isn’t a perfect system and I still have to a) clean up the insanely-noisy cell phone photo, b) fill in an article excerpt, and c) reupload the image so that it indexes properly. So, in an ironic twist of fate, uploading from my phone requires me to log on from my desktop.

But hey, at least it lets me get something online to come back to later and fix.

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