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Taken while driving up to Portland from San Francisco with my sister.

One of the things I love most about dogs (on top of everything else) is how easy-to-please they are. A little food, a little love, and some head scritches are all they need to be happy.

You’d think it would be that easy for the rest of us.



Back from my 5-week sojourn to Boston, New York, DC, and beyond. Still settling back into things. After five weeks of being away I need some time to re-acclimate myself. While in New York I shot a launch party for the fashion line of my cousin's girlfriend. It was your basic New York Who's Who affair: posh new club that wasn't even open to the public yet, rail-thin models, hipsters, VIPs, wannabes, and everything in-between. I met a handful of people that night but by far the most interesting one Read more [...]