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there and back again

It's funny how the brain, out of its need for order and structure, "compartmentalizes" our lives. You can spend five weeks in a place, working, sleeping, socializing, and otherwise maintaining the semblance of a normal life, then the second you leave that place, it all disappears into the ether. One minute you're on a plane and still in that sort of "limbo" between lives; and then as soon as you step off the plane, everything that came before feels like it was in another life, almost as though it never really happened. Read more [...]

home again

My dad came into town for Thanksgiving weekend and we decided to take a drive out into Long Island to visit my childhood home. The cliché is that everything is so much smaller than we remember it as children. After all, we're remembering things from a vantage point much lower to the ground, when the whole world was huge and new. And it was no different in this case. Read more [...]