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in progress: Unmet

One of the perks of self-employment is that I'm no longer forced to backburner series ideas for lack of time. So when I decided it would be cool to take long exposure shots of various rooms and exhibits at The Met with the hopes of photographing an "empty" museum, there was nothing to stop me from just grabbing my tripod, ND filters, and hopping a train to 86th street. Read more [...]

up, up, and away

Setting foot in the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co–New York’s outpost for 826 National, a network of youth writing centers cleverly disguised as themed storefronts–was like stepping into one of the comic books of my youth. All the toys and gadgets and gizmos I had been denied were neatly stacked in boxes on shelves, from sonic blasters to grappling hooks (!) to x-ray specs. And if that weren’t enough, they had a wide assortment of proper superhero gear, handy for those looking to replace a cape or pair of hero boots. Read more [...]
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hot couture

When I had arranged my last trip to San Francisco, the very first thing I did after booking my flight was send out an email to Paciano Triufo, Ann Borja, and Roczane Enriquez, photographers and make-up artist (respectively) extraordinaire and good friends from my theatre days with Bindlestiff. I'd always wanted to work with on a shoot but had never had the chance, so when the chance presented itself, I hopped right on it. Read more [...]
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natures in man

It was gorgeous out on the last weekend before I left for Boston (in case you were wondering why I haven't updated in a while) so naturally I decided to spend that day indoors at The Met. While wandering the floors of the museum, I happened upon The American Wing which. As I stepped out into the open square where most of the statues were standing, I noticed something that hadn't registered with me before. Read more [...]
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taz @ 5ptz

Last week, comrade-at-arms Tasayu (previously) approached me to do some head shots and portraits over at at the "Institute of Higher Burning" and graffiti landmark 5 pointz. Never one to turn down an opportunity to check out new locations (and just explore), I was in from the word go. Read more [...]