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While doing the tourist thing with an out-of-town friend at Golden Gate, we saw this birdy up high overhead.

He slowly descended closer and closer until he reached a certain point and then he started hovering.

He was obviously riding the air currents so that he’d effectively stay in place, but he didn’t budge at all. He was perfectly still, hovering maybe thirty feet overhead.

Absolutely gorgeous animal.


  • John says:

    Beautiful shot!This is an immature red-tailed hawk.It is less than 1-year old, and later this year, it will molt its feathers and get its red tail.I like how you captured the light through the tail and edge of the wings.Where in SF is this?

  • mike says:

    It was at Golden Gate Bridge, at the SF-side rest area. Specifically, it was at that little fenced area by Fort Point that you can walk to and shoot the bridge.

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