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One of my best friends got married yesterday. It was the first time I’d ever been a groomsman, and it was pretty fun being a part of the goings-on behind the scenes as the menfolk prepare for the wedding.

Not-at-all-surprising discovery of the day: Men do dick before a wedding.

We spend about ten minutes getting ready (twenty if you shower) and then hours watching random movies on tv (we watched Hellboy).

Having seen the chaos and disarray of the bride’s party as they get ready, it was a wonderful change of pace to have to do nothing at all.

I didn’t shoot much that day. Between the ace photographer they hired and the twenty other cameras flying about, I didn’t really think mine was all that necessary. I shot off a few pics in the hotel room but that was about it. I spent the rest of the day enjoying myself, chatting up a pretty girl, and generally doing Best Man-ly things.

Weddings are a wonderful time to be a boy.

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