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Turk & JD, my rat bros. I’ve had them for about four months now and have to admit that they’re some of my favorite pets ever. They’re clever, curious, playful, affectionate, and just so damn cute. My only real complaint is that they have talons like freaking razors, and they invariably claw me up whenever we play or whenever they climb on me (which happens more often than not). Other than that, though, they’re fantastic.

I’m really glad I got two because they can play with each other while I’m at work. Of course, the downside is that I have twice as many rats to keep an eye on, and that I can’t really devote all my time to either of them. I also find myself breaking up more than a few rough-housings that got out of hand.

This photo is pretty indicative of their relationship. Turk is such the alpha. He’s curious, nosey, frisky, nibbly, and tends to bully JD a little. JD, meanwhile, is very chill and likes to just hang out and relax.

They’re very good pets.

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