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It was BOA time again this year, and I shot the production photos again. This one is from one of my favorite pieces from the show, Exchange. The actor pictured plays a fairly ominous and foreboding character, and I think the lighting does it well. I typically find theatrical lighting a little problematic for photography, since digital doesn’t produce a very wide dynamic range. So you wind up with very dark shadows and very bright highlights, and less of a gradation in-between. The result is you often wind up with is either blown-out faces (since they tend to be in the light) or blacked-out everything else. But sometimes — such as in this case — it can work pretty well.

In other news, I’m participating in a contest to win the opportunity to shoot my dream assignment, but it’s proving pretty difficult. The angle is that people vote for the ideas presented, and the winner is selected by a panel from the Top 20 Most Voted ideas. I’m currently just squeaking in there, but the contest’s only been going for three days and it’s running for a full month.

It’s pretty rough, and it’s only gonna get rougher because I’m running out of friends and family to hassle, and without a built-in fan/userbase like a lot of the competition has, I’m not sure how I’ll maintain the stream of votes necessary to stay in the Top 20.

I need to figure out some way to get the word out in a big way.

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