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By 20 July 2009No Comments

As you can see, I updated my blog. After years of writing my own photoblog code, I decided to put that to pasture and drink the WordPress Kool-Aid. It’s a much better choice. Their system is infinitely more robust than I could ever have achieved, and it offers a lot of features I never had. Searching! You can search now!

The other thing I like about it is that it’s a little more emphasis on the written entries, too. They’re not just “extended captions,” but an equally prominent part of the updates. Which I’ve wanted for a while. I consider myself as much a writer as a photographer, and I wanted the opportunity to stretch those muscles as well.

There may be a little commotion over the next few days as I try out different themes until I find the one that does exactly what I need it to, but don’t mind the dust. We’re still open for business.

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