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This has been my view for much of the three-day weekend. I wish I could blame my sloth on illness or other, but I got over my cold sometime on Thursday or Friday. It has been raining, though. That miserable, cold, chilling rain. It’s a pity, too, because it’s “warmed up some” and actually hit the mid-40s this weekend. If not for the rain, I might’ve been incensed to go out and do something.

Truth be told, however, I don’t really mind. There are worse ways to spend a weekend than catching up on Dexter and playing Assassin’s Creed II. Perhaps my inner ursine is in full hibernation mode. Why go out into the cold, foreboding, berry-less wilderness when you can camp out in your nice, warm, broadband-enabled cave? Besides, every evening spent indoors is another evening I don’t waste my money on hookers and blow kittens and lollipops.

Maybe I should grow a beard.

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