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My first update in over two weeks. Funny that I should break my shooting dry spell with a shot of the first snowfall I’ve seen all winter. I was expecting mountains of snow for my first New York winter since 1981, and instead I got two months of nothing and a light dusting of snow to finally break the drought.

I think I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. It’d be easy to blame my lack of shooting on the miserable weather or the lack of light, but really I think I just haven’t felt the creative juices flowing. I’m not too worried, though. Our relationship with art is just like our relationships with people; it can’t be expected to be fiery and all-consuming all the time. If it were, we’d burn out in an instant. There are ebbs and flows to it, and the trick is to know which is which; to know when to ride the current and when to just sit back and let the wave come to you.

I’ve spent the last two weeks mostly indulging myself in idle distractions; TV shows and movies and reading and video games and the like. I’ve seen enough writer’s blocks to know that fighting it only leads to frustration and aggravation. Better to just resign yourself to the fact that, for now at least, the waters are still. And you can either try and force the issue by paddling yourself and get real tired real quick, or you can just lay back on the board, look up at the clouds, and enjoy the moment.

Just remember to sit up every now and then and check the currents, or you could find yourself out to sea without realizing it.

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