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Tonight I learned that there are essentially two types of people that will venture out into a blizzard-thunderstorm in the middle of the night: dog owners, who gladly brave the cold so that their pooches can do their dirty sinful business, and nutcases who look at the snow pouring down and think “I bet that’d make a pretty picture!”

Guess which column I fall under.

In my defense, tonight’s snunderstorm™ was the first real snowfall of the season. And with me leaving for two weeks on Tuesday, tonight was my only chance to get some decent shots. And honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Much as I dislike the cold, I love snowstorms. Nothing like the wind whipping you in the face with frigid snowflakes to remind you that you’re alive. Freezing, but alive. Besides, everyone knows hot chocolate tastes best when it’s been earned.

Speaking of hot chocolate, mine’s getting cold. So I’ll cut the commentary short tonight and just leave you with a few more photos from my midnight blizzard stroll.

p.s. To anyone that’s wondering, my d700 held up like a champ. I’ve always been leery of weatherproofing claims but my baby got snowed on like nobody’s business and kept on shooting. To be on the safe side, she and my lens are both gonna sit in a tupperware of rice for a couple days, but it looks like she’ll come out of this unscathed.


  • sherri says:

    Really nice tour of the city in the snow. I like the one with the stranded police car a lot. The lights and snow show nicely. Funny notes too. You could take a dog and do both, but it’s not easy trying to focus. My German Shepherd pulls on my arm just about the time I get ready to shoot:-)

  • Michael Gerstenhaber says:

    Haha I’ve been there! I am usually too cowardly for hurting my camera though :/

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