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  1. Bit of a nostalgia trip and yes the red (basic) set was the first rpg I ever owned too… and while Manila did have it’s anti-rpg extremists, they served no other purpose than to be laughed at 🙂 ah yes… the good old days

  2. Great post Mike.

    Honestly, I never understood the game (nor have I attempted to) and I’ve always wondered what the game offered when I see you, Dino, Inigo, Dante, etc. having so much fun back in HS. I’ve never been a RPG kinda guy, but I do sense that such games offers so much more than linear progression and score/time-based goals.

    I never picked up any of ‘magic’ related board/card games until college when some dorm mates invited me to try MtG cards. The fact that I enjoyed it so much made me wish that I gave D&D (and others) a chance when I was younger. Consequently, it later made me appreciate Warcraft as well, despite being a long-time Command & Conquer fan.

    Lastly, I think our English classes with Carter back in the 9th grade involving Beowulf and other 11th-century characters made me despise folklore and imaginary characters LOL.

  3. Hey Mike. This post brings back memories of my high school days. I never really played D&D or even L5R, but my friends were so into it, I couldn’t help but pick up a couple of things from it. Every time I see guys playing the game, I’d go call up my college buddies and reminisce.

    I do have to agree with you there that there isn’t much bias against D&D players here. We did get teased a bit back then, but no one bullied us to the point of my friends had to hide their hobby. In fact, some of the guys in the “cool” crowd even asked my friends to teach them how to play.

    I still don’t play, sticking more to video game RPGs, but on event when there are tourneys, I’d go watch.

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