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Just a quick procrastination note as I pack for a trip to San Francisco. I was packing my trusty Timbuktu of Holding when all the loose little bits and bobs started to bug me. As much as I love the portability and simplicity of speedlights, they always bring with them a retinue of necessary gadgets. Batteries and chargers and gels and light mods and everything. There’s so much of it, and it’s all so tiny. Eventually the clutter got too much and I grabbed the unused case for my portable softbox; lo and behold, everything fit perfectly.

An SB-900, SB-700, YN-460ii, 12 spare AAs, a charger, my gel kit, an umbrella holder, clips, a mini-softbox, a velcro snoot, white balance cube, and three coldshoes, all in a small bag that zips up to 12″x10″x3″. Then I just toss it in with the bigger mods (reflectors, umbrella, etc) in the Timbuktu and I’m ready to go.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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