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Taken in downtown Portland. The building was boarded up and I toyed with the idea of slipping in to take some more shots but when I got to the door I noticed a buzzer and for some reason got the impression that the building was still in use (despite looking abandoned). A little Googling later and I found out that it was a chain of department stores almost as old as Portland itself. It started out as just a tiny little general store in 1857 (barely six years after Portland itself incorporated) and Read more [...]
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Taken while driving up to Portland from San Francisco with my sister.

One of the things I love most about dogs (on top of everything else) is how easy-to-please they are. A little food, a little love, and some head scritches are all they need to be happy.

You’d think it would be that easy for the rest of us.

animals & pets street shooting

busker pooch

I'm in Portland this week, visiting my sister, and working out of our downtown office. Took this while out grabbing lunch. One of the things I really like about Portland is the proliferation of little lunch shacks. They tend to be set up along the perimeter of parking lots, facing the sidewalk. They're not unlike little food booths you'll find at street fairs, except that they're always around and they offer a huge variety of foods. Thai, Indian, Barbecue, Greek, Italian, you name it. Right by Read more [...]