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I’ve come to realize that my limiting myself to one photo update per day is counter-productive. Sure, it lets me stretch my photos out further, but the point of the photoblog is to keep myself constantly shooting. And so updating with more than one photo per day forces me to shoot more. 🙂

This one was taken at Crissy Field, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge.


  • “I don’t know, I like the 1 photo per day aspect of photoblogging.Especially for ones designed like this where there isn’t really a way to tell if I’ve seen the previous photo without going to it.Maybe if you had some sort of recent posts thing.

    Anyway, I love this type of perspective shot.The boathouse at the end really gives it some character.”

  • mike says:

    “Yeah, that was my big concern, too – that people might not realize there had been more than one photo updated.

    I’ve been considering a minor revamp of the site layout, however, and if it happens it should help solve that issue.”

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