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The Macy’s in Midtown still has its original escalators in use, complete with grills an inch deep and monstrous teeth at the top that will eat you if an errant shoelace manages to get caught. As an avid fan of o. henry, Gershwin, and Mad Men, I absolutely adore them. It’s like a tiny temporal looking glass back to the New York of yore. I can’t help but wonder how many more of these little places “lost in time” there are to be found around Manhattan.

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  • What’s sad is a few years ago they replaced the escalator handrails with the new black rubber ones you were using, before that they had these ribbed connected rubber one’s that were brown, sepia, and tan like a snake coiling around the whole thing. I wish they replicated those too complete the experience. Funny I was talking to a friend the other day that i wanted to go back to Macy’s with my new camera to re-take a lot of the old NYC stuff pics I had from old point and shoots. And bamn here’s one of the cool ones!

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