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My first real memory of Stefanie is of acting beside her in a Federico Garcia Lorca play, The Butterfly’s Evil Spell.  She played the butterfly.  I was the beetle that was hopelessly in love with her.  It was an odd role to play opposite someone five years your junior, especially at seventeen.  She says we had to kiss in a scene.  The only thing I really remember from the play was standing in front of a mirror in my beetle costume, looking at myself and thinking that my blue stocking-clad legs looks awfully like a superhero’s.

Hey, I was seventeen.  Comics were a big thing for me then.

(And, you know, ever since)

Despite the fact that she and I hail from the same small town of Cebu and that, like most Filipinos, we are all divided by one degree of separation (she and my younger sister are good friends, for example), we never really saw each other or hung out socially until we reconnected at a mutual friend’s dinner a few weeks ago.  When she asked me to help her update her headshots a couple weeks later, I was happy to help.

Of course, since headshots are pretty boring and don’t really offer much in the way of creative opportunity, I was much happier doing the goofing around shots and that’s mostly what makes up today’s update (after all, if you’ve seen one headshot of a person you’ve pretty much seen them all).  And as I feel like the anecdotal aspect of this entry peaked with the mental image of me in blue leggings, I’ll present the rest of the photos with no further commentary.

And yes, that’s the same Danielle as the one I photographed last Fall.  The same Danielle that I met by way of my cousin’s fianceé and only discovered later was one of Stef’s best friends.

Like I said.  One degree of separation.


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