street shooting the city

square one

I once went busker hunting with my X100s and brought my d700 along in case I wanted any close-up shots. Every time I pulled it out of my bag, I felt like I was intruding. Every time the shutter snapped, I wanted to apologize. Needless to say, I didn’t use it much. Read more [...]
the city words

punk’s not dead

I first saw Pump Up the Volume in high school, around senior year. I watched it at the urgings of my best friend, who had seen it and loved it. I don’t remember if I watched it at his place, or if I borrowed his copy and watched it at home. What I do remember is walking away from the movie feeling inspired. There is nothing better for an angsty, angry anti-establishment teen than a movie that lionizes pirate radio and the message that the right person, with the right message, can change the world. That’s pretty heady stuff when you’re a teenager. Read more [...]
post-processing the city

the eye of the beholder

It's very easy to get carried away during post. Some amount of post-production is always gonna be necessary for images (even those "straight out of the camera" JPG images have been processed by the camera as they were saved), but where do you draw the line? First, you're just color correcting and adjusting levels and curves. Then you're cleaning up the street. Then maybe removing a No Parking sign or two. From there it's not much more work to clone out some errant traffic cones. Then hell, why not the whole orange area? Which is how you start with the photo immediately above and end up with what's at the top of the page. Read more [...]
musicians the city

stop and hear the roses

Like most people who move to New York, it wasn't long before I found myself falling in step with the "'fast' isn't fast enough" mentality. At a certain point, the city stopped being one of the most amazing places on Earth and instead turned into a blur, the thing that got in-between Points A and B. It was especially surprising in my case, as prior to living here my average pace was somewhere between a "mosey" and an "amble." Now I instead found myself harried and hurrying, dodging slow-moving pedestrians and cyclists, and god dammit, would someone get those tourists out of my way before I shoved them into oncoming traffic? New York has a frenetic rhythm to it, and it's easy for it to infect your bloodstream if you let it. And though I still sometimes meandered (usually when I was outside of Manhattan), if I had somewhere to be, woe betide anyone that got between me and it. Read more [...]
places the city

in progress: Unmet

One of the perks of self-employment is that I'm no longer forced to backburner series ideas for lack of time. So when I decided it would be cool to take long exposure shots of various rooms and exhibits at The Met with the hopes of photographing an "empty" museum, there was nothing to stop me from just grabbing my tripod, ND filters, and hopping a train to 86th street. Read more [...]