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And we’re back!

By 15 April 2011No Comments

A rare, text-only news item just to point out the obvious: I’ve updated the site.

In the five (!) years since I started this blog, my photography’s grown a fair bit as have my needs from a website. When I first started, the “blog” was all of a series of single-image entries with maybe a couple of lines of accompanying text. There were a few aesthetic tweaks over the years but the layout was generally the same.

Then, in an effort to encourage myself to both shoot and write more, I moved to a proper blogging platform with as much of an emphasis on words as images. There were a few (okay, maybe more than a few) random and sudden changes to the site as I tried on different themes like pairs of pants until I found one I hated the least and stuck with it for a spell.

And now, as I find the business side of my photography growing as steadily as the creative side, I found myself once again needing more from my site. And so I found myself on the market for a new theme, this time with the emphasis being split between my blog and my body of work. Once I found it, I immediately went into custom-tweaking it to fit my needs. I’ve gone from off-the-rack to custom-altered. Not quite as fitted to my needs as something tailored from scratch, but as close as you’ll get otherwise.

And who knows? I could well be back in another two years, this time with a perfectly-tailored, from the ground up, custom-built site. But for now, I’m really, really liking the new layout.

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