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I’ve started using my ModelMayhem account more these last few weeks. I signed up over a year and a half ago, but I never really did anything with it. I had enough to keep me busy that I didn’t bother exploring it much. Lately, however, I’ve been itching to do more and more shoots, and as I was starting to run out of people to photograph, I figured being a little more active on MM couldn’t hurt.

Ashley was the first contact to come out of my renewed attention to the site, and I couldn’t have asked for a better first impression of the site. She was fun, professional, easy-going, and just a joy to work with. Considering how easy it is for people in the industry (photographers, models, and makeup artists alike) to start believing their own hype and develop huge egos, it’s always a complete breath of fresh air to work with someone who’s just happy to be there.

As luck would have it, it turned out Ashley lived but six blocks away from my apartment-slash-studio. This gave us plenty of time to do a few studio shots and then walk over to my favorite right-in-my-back-yard shooting location: Carl Schurz Park. I swear, every time I shoot there (Ashley was my fourth), I discover new, awesomer locations. I’m practically determined to just keep going back and photographing more and more people there until I completely run out of locations.

Though that could take a while.

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