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natures in man

It was gorgeous out on the last weekend before I left for Boston (in case you were wondering why I haven't updated in a while) so naturally I decided to spend that day indoors at The Met. While wandering the floors of the museum, I happened upon The American Wing which. As I stepped out into the open square where most of the statues were standing, I noticed something that hadn't registered with me before. Read more [...]
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avant garde

There is an old Calvin & Hobbes strip whose punchline reads "The problem with being avant garde is knowing who's putting on who." I came across this little gem the other day while crossing Spring in SoHo the other day. A little bit of internet research later and I discovered that this was by far not his only "installation." He has also graced the art scene with the Williamsburg Bridge, a tree stump, a traffic control box, and numerous other pieces, many of which I'm sure have yet to even be Read more [...]