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Setting foot in the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co–New York’s outpost for 826 National, a network of youth writing centers cleverly disguised as themed storefronts–was like stepping into one of the comic books of my youth. All the toys and gadgets and gizmos I had been denied were neatly stacked in boxes on shelves, from sonic blasters to grappling hooks (!) to x-ray specs. And if that weren’t enough, they had a wide assortment of proper superhero gear, handy for those looking to replace a cape or pair of hero boots. Read more [...]
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I went to Comic Con last week, my second time (the first being in 2005). It was fun, though overwhelming at times and very easy to get lost in (in more ways than one). It's interesting, seeing how more and more mainstream this once niche convention has become. There is talk that San Diego revoked plans for a new hotel next door to the convention center in order to reserve that space for the hall to expand into.  And of course, how counter-culture can you really consider yourself when a large portion Read more [...]