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holi high

I'm sure some of my family would cluck their teeth that I opted for this celebration over the traditional Easter Sunday Mass, but I'm only human. Hourlong masses and stiff clothing can't really compete against a day devoted to song and food and drowning in colors. Maybe if Easter Mass could somehow incorporate a Nerf gun fight, I might be tempted to drop in. Read more [...]
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scenes from an occupation

I was four or five paragraphs into a relatively meaty—and perhaps somewhat ranty—post when I realized that I'm probably better off sticking to the old adage of never bringing up politics or religion in polite company. Especially since my posts' comment threads are often such hotbeds of intense discourse, steeped in controversy and debate. Read more [...]
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nycc / nyaf 2010

This past Saturday I accompanied my buddy Tas to the 2010 New York ComicCon / New York Anime Festival. Geek mecca, basically, drawing in geeks, nerds, otaku, cosplayers, and dorks alike for hundreds of miles. Read more [...]
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life begins at 234

Yesterday was the 4th of July, my first since moving to New York. Naturally, we decided to do it up right—by going to Jersey. Read more [...]
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the air up there

Shot an engagement party for a lovely couple on Friday night. It was held on the rooftop of a building in the Lower Midtown/Koreatown area. The shot above is the view from the south side of the rooftop. You can actually see the Brooklyn Bridge, a good three miles away. I can't begin to imagine what it'd be like to have that view waiting for you every morning. Read more [...]