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I’m not a fan of telecommuting. I’ll do it when necessary (such as today, when I was under-the-weather enough to wanna stay in but not so much as to use my last sick day of the year), but for the most part it’s a fairly painful process. My VPN connection is always a little sluggish, I don’t have all the tools I need, and it’s a little harder to concentrate on my work. Especially with views like these right out my window.

At work I sit in a cube. Three-and-a-half fabric-covered walls, keeping me safe from the big, bright, beautiful world outside my building. I’m nowhere near any windows, and the filtered air that pumps through the vents replaces any need for the fresh air of an Autumn day. It’s not the most cheerful of environments, but it keeps you focused on the task at hand: doing your work.

At home it’s a different story. Directly outside my window is Astoria Park, clean, green, and serene. Beyond that, the Triboro Bridge crossing the East River, in full view thanks to the Autumn-bare Astoria Park trees. On the far right, the Hell Gate Bridge. And in-between, the Harlem skyline, though not as visible during the day as by night.

And as if that view wasn’t distracting enough, I have my big, soft, warm, cozy bed right next to it.

It’s a wonder I manage to get anything done at all.

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