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An older photo, stumbled upon while working on my portfolio. It was taken on the same camping trip that this photo came from. In fact, that cross was only a hundred or so feet away from where we were standing.

Living in cities, it’s sometimes easy to forget how much space is out there. There’s something incredibly humbling about standing on top of a mountain and seeing nothing but terrain in every direction, without a single skyscraper or mall to be found. As much as I love being a city slicker and living in the Cradle of Civilization, a big part of me still yearns for the expanse and freedom of The Great Outdoors.

I don’t know if I could live the Mountain Man lifestyle for more than a year at most, but I can see it being an incredibly productive year. I tend to do my best (and most) work when I’m able to do it without distraction; I imagine a year living ‘off the grid’ would produce some interesting results.

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