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terresa revisited

I got together with Terresa again on Tuesday night for a second shoot, this one a glamour / nude shoot. And just as the shoots with Joyce and Jorge Luis gave me an opportunity to run my home studio through the ropes, this session with Terresa gave me a chance to see how many other locations I could milk out of my apartment. Read more [...]
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confidence men

You'd likely get a variety of answers if you were to ask different photographers to name the most important trait a photographer should have, but I think we'd all agree that confidence is pretty high up there. Read more [...]
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the acoustic duo of destruction

Though I've known Herb Manila and Mike Hanson (aka Herb & Hanson) for well over a decade (indeed, it was I that built their website, many moons ago), we'd never done a shoot before. We'd just never gotten around to it, I suppose. So when they suggested doing a shoot while I was in D.C. last weekend, I was completely on board. Read more [...]
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the world spins madly on

One of the more common signs you're getting old is when your friends start having kids.  More often than not, it's casual friends or people you haven't heard from in a while that have kids first.  An old classmate here, a distant cousin there.  But as you get older, it's your own personal friends that start to have kids.  And when it comes to personal friends, few are nearer or dearer to me than Hawk and Marimar.  They've been some of my favorite people for eight years now (I was Best Man at their wedding) and when they had twins earlier this year, it was a definite "Holy crap, we're grown ups!" moment. Read more [...]