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stop and hear the roses

Like most people who move to New York, it wasn't long before I found myself falling in step with the "'fast' isn't fast enough" mentality. At a certain point, the city stopped being one of the most amazing places on Earth and instead turned into a blur, the thing that got in-between Points A and B. It was especially surprising in my case, as prior to living here my average pace was somewhere between a "mosey" and an "amble." Now I instead found myself harried and hurrying, dodging slow-moving pedestrians and cyclists, and god dammit, would someone get those tourists out of my way before I shoved them into oncoming traffic? New York has a frenetic rhythm to it, and it's easy for it to infect your bloodstream if you let it. And though I still sometimes meandered (usually when I was outside of Manhattan), if I had somewhere to be, woe betide anyone that got between me and it. Read more [...]

i’m with the band

There's always been an interesting relationship between photographers and rock stars, probably because the two professions aren't that dissimilar. Both spend lots of sleepless nights (though admittedly for wildly different reasons), both are usually in the company of models, both often called upon to massage egos and navigate personalities, and both are frequently surrounded by people with big hair. Read more [...]
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adventures in how not to conduct a photo shoot

Whenever I find myself back in the DC/VA area I always make sure to meet up with my old friends and favorite musical misanthropes, Herb & Hanson (usually because they're the ones I'm there to visit). We have a few drinks, have a few laughs, and then at some point break out my gear and go off to do that photo shoot we keep meaning to have. And we always get it wrong. Read more [...]
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the acoustic duo of destruction

Though I've known Herb Manila and Mike Hanson (aka Herb & Hanson) for well over a decade (indeed, it was I that built their website, many moons ago), we'd never done a shoot before. We'd just never gotten around to it, I suppose. So when they suggested doing a shoot while I was in D.C. last weekend, I was completely on board. Read more [...]