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I was recently approached to cover an upcoming event at Natuzzi SoHo, a showroom for what is apparently the largest leather furniture manufacturer in the world. I stopped by earlier tonight to scout the location and get the lowdown on the location, layout, and lighting (alliteration in the house, what up). It’s a gorgeous showroom and the lighting was good enough that I was able to get a lot of good shots. I’d never really done much interior design photography and it’s always refreshing to take a crack at new things.

I’ve been pretty slack with updates lately, though in my (weak) defense, it’s because I haven’t had much time for shooting between preparations for my upcoming six-week trip (if you think updates are sporadic now…) and the fact that I’ve been working on building myself a proper portfolio.

I’ve built portfolios for myself in the past, but they were generally just culled from a small sampling of photos and not completely representative of my work. Recently I decided to bite the bullet and take on my 33,000+ image library and try to whittle it down to a few dozen killer shots.

Needless to say, it’s a long and arduous process.

Hopefully, though, it won’t be long before I produce a proper professional portfolio to present to prospective patrons (mega-alliteration what up). It’s gonna be a long trek, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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