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This New Year's, as I sifted through my Facebook feed, I couldn't help but notice an almost direct proportionality between peoples' excitement for the new year and their derision for the last one. The more exuberantly a friend would welcome 2013 with resolutions and affirmations, the more venomously they'd talk about how terrible 2012 was and how glad they are that it's over. It makes sense, of course. The more expectation you heap on something, the more likely it is to disappoint when it fails Read more [...]
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I've been trying to convince my mom to replace the rotting cherry tree on the front lawn with an evergreen. Then she could just dress it every Christmas and not have to slaughter an innocent tree. Read more [...]
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I've seen a lot of Christmas decorations in my time, but this has got to be one of the more macabre ones to date. It reminds me of those witch doctors' shrunken heads you'd see in cartoons and comics. The only things that are missing are lifeless eyes and sewn-shut lips. Read more [...]
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I've spent Christmas in a lot of different cities across two countries, and I can honestly say that none of them come even remotely close to New York in terms of sheer magic in the air. Read more [...]