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holi high

I'm sure some of my family would cluck their teeth that I opted for this celebration over the traditional Easter Sunday Mass, but I'm only human. Hourlong masses and stiff clothing can't really compete against a day devoted to song and food and drowning in colors. Maybe if Easter Mass could somehow incorporate a Nerf gun fight, I might be tempted to drop in. Read more [...]
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here comes the neighborhood

I’ve never really known my neighbors as an adult. So when I saw that my next-door neighbor was converting his brownstone into a haunted house (at his own time and I’m sure expense as well), I figured the least I could do was offer my studio to trick-or-treaters and their parents, offering to capture their costumes with something a little better than an iphone. Read more [...]
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trick or freeze

It snowed today, the earliest New York has received at least an inch of snow in recorded weather history. I'd write more but honestly, not much else really need be said. Besides, after a night out (like a little bit of snow is gonna stop anyone) I'm in dire need of some thawing out. Read more [...]
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life begins at 234

Yesterday was the 4th of July, my first since moving to New York. Naturally, we decided to do it up right—by going to Jersey. Read more [...]
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I've been trying to convince my mom to replace the rotting cherry tree on the front lawn with an evergreen. Then she could just dress it every Christmas and not have to slaughter an innocent tree. Read more [...]