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on the road again

Back in the Bay for Christmas, as with every year since I moved to New York. As usual I find myself camped out in my grandmother's ("mama's") room. Never mind that it had been my room first, or that she was only living in it for a year or so before moving back to the Philippines; because she lived in it once, it is forever branded as "mama's room." So it goes. Read more [...]
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no checks

One of my first stops after I got back was to my favorite barbershop, just down the street from work. It's about as classic a barbershop as you can get without fabricating one. Read more [...]

invisible cities

Sadie and Han, of The Invisible Cities, playing at Giant Robot NYC. They're on the last leg of their Follow Your Whim tour with Goh Nakamura, who's also one of their members. Read more [...]
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colin hay

I finally got to see Colin Hay play tonight, at The Independent. Right before which, I had some of the best barbecue I've had in a long time at Da'Pitt. Unbelievable stuff. The show was amazing. Opened with Bhi Bhiman, a Sri Lankan-American singer/songwriter who sang a lot of blues stuff about the White Man's Burden and (I think?) beating his wife. Seriously. Hay was phenomenal. Show went on for close to two hours, and the energy was palpable. The audience was pretty much apeshit the entire duration Read more [...]


A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to take some set photos for him. He had stage managed the production and wanted some shots of the sets for his portfolio. Read more [...]