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q&a: family portraits

A friend shot me this question on Facebook, and after the site ate the second half of my two-part reply, I decided to just make a post out of it (at least WordPress automatically saves drafts). And considering my sporadic posting habits of late, I can always do with more topics to write on. Read more [...]
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sara’s miles

I restarted my couchsurfing involvement after an almost two-year hiatus, and not a moment too soon. As much as I'm absolutely loving New York, my inner vagabond is starting to get antsy for the road and being around travelers helps sate the wanderlust, if only vicariously. Read more [...]
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Last night was the Natuzzi event I mentioned in my last entry. For some reason, I always find myself best connecting with and having most fun with the people behind-the-scenes than anyone else. Which isn't to say that the partygoers aren't nice enough people, just that I seem to have more in common with the salt of the earth than the crème de la crème. Read more [...]