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on the road again

Back in the Bay for Christmas, as with every year since I moved to New York. As usual I find myself camped out in my grandmother's ("mama's") room. Never mind that it had been my room first, or that she was only living in it for a year or so before moving back to the Philippines; because she lived in it once, it is forever branded as "mama's room." So it goes. Read more [...]
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instagram killed the photoblog star

I wish I had a good excuse for my absence. Backpacking through South America. A high-profile but hush-hush assignment. A secret spy mission. Anything to account for being AWOL for all this time. Especially since the truth is much more boring: I just never got around to writing new entries. I didn't even have a lack of photos to blame. In the last three months I shot roughly 6,000 photographs. Not a whole lot by professional standards, sure, but it was hardly nothing. There was definitely enough blog fodder to be found. Nope, it wasn't due to a lack of material; the blame for my lack of updates lies squarely on my shoulders. Well, mine and Social Media's. Read more [...]
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bay to breakers

In the eight years I lived in the Bay Area—three of which spent living in the heart of downtown San Francisco—I never once attended Bay to Breakers. Friends and coworkers often participated, to the point of thinking up fun and crazy costumes (usually group-themed), but I never did. I wish I could provide some valid excuse but really it just boiled down to laziness. Weekends were my sleep-in days, Sunday the holiest of holy Days of Sloth, and I'd be damned if anyone was gonna get me out of bed before ten or eleven in the morning, let alone at seven o'clock. Read more [...]
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no checks

One of my first stops after I got back was to my favorite barbershop, just down the street from work. It's about as classic a barbershop as you can get without fabricating one. Read more [...]
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santa’s slayed

I've seen a lot of Christmas decorations in my time, but this has got to be one of the more macabre ones to date. It reminds me of those witch doctors' shrunken heads you'd see in cartoons and comics. The only things that are missing are lifeless eyes and sewn-shut lips. Read more [...]