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into the woods

This New Year's, as I sifted through my Facebook feed, I couldn't help but notice an almost direct proportionality between peoples' excitement for the new year and their derision for the last one. The more exuberantly a friend would welcome 2013 with resolutions and affirmations, the more venomously they'd talk about how terrible 2012 was and how glad they are that it's over. It makes sense, of course. The more expectation you heap on something, the more likely it is to disappoint when it fails Read more [...]
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trick or freeze

It snowed today, the earliest New York has received at least an inch of snow in recorded weather history. I'd write more but honestly, not much else really need be said. Besides, after a night out (like a little bit of snow is gonna stop anyone) I'm in dire need of some thawing out. Read more [...]
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stomping grounds

Jack Frost isn't done having his fun with the Northeast, it seems, and has decided to give it to New York for a little longer. Naturally, this meant I was compelled to run outside with my camera and shoot the same damn things, all over again. Three snowfalls, three sets of photos from the same park. And I already used up my Waxing Philosophical card on the last one, so that's out. Read more [...]
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fun with chuck and jules

Chuck and Julie are two of my favorite people around. I have friends I've known longer or friends I know on deeper levels, but when it comes to just simple, unadulterated (keyword unadult) fun, Chuck and Julie are a tough act to follow. Read more [...]
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no do-overs

In my last entry, one of the photos I posted was of the benches along the East River. I loved the shot, but one thing bugged me—the wire fencing to the right of the image. It broke the whole "pattern of repeating elements" aspect to the photo. If I had just moved up two benches, I'd have had no distractions from the seemingly-infinite line of benches and railing. Problem was, I didn't notice it until long after I'd processed and uploaded the photo; there was nothing I could do about it. I determined to go out and re-shoot the scene after the next decent snowfall. To get it right. Read more [...]