the city

with apologies to ice cube

A good friend--and one of my favorite people to photograph--was in town last weekend; as I hadn't seen her in over four years, a day of shooting was definitely in order (and indeed planned from the very moment she emailed me about her trip, months ago). Read more [...]
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scenes from an occupation

I was four or five paragraphs into a relatively meaty—and perhaps somewhat ranty—post when I realized that I'm probably better off sticking to the old adage of never bringing up politics or religion in polite company. Especially since my posts' comment threads are often such hotbeds of intense discourse, steeped in controversy and debate. Read more [...]
holidays the city

trick or freeze

It snowed today, the earliest New York has received at least an inch of snow in recorded weather history. I'd write more but honestly, not much else really need be said. Besides, after a night out (like a little bit of snow is gonna stop anyone) I'm in dire need of some thawing out. Read more [...]
street shooting the city

only happy when it rains

It's raining out. Despite the fact that she isn't even here yet, Irene has officially taken hold of New York City. Stores stripped bare, the streets so empty you'd think the Ascension had happened while you were napping. At home and bored, listening to the rain pelt the streets outside, I decided to hop into a ZipCar and do a little cruising. Read more [...]
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the man who wasn’t there

I had another shoot just last night, this time with a coworker and friend who wanted some good photos of herself. We had planned on hopping over to a park and getting some nice fun little shots in the sun. The weather, however, had other ideas, for which I'm eternally grateful. Read more [...]