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here comes the neighborhood

I’ve never really known my neighbors as an adult. So when I saw that my next-door neighbor was converting his brownstone into a haunted house (at his own time and I’m sure expense as well), I figured the least I could do was offer my studio to trick-or-treaters and their parents, offering to capture their costumes with something a little better than an iphone. Read more [...]
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bay to breakers

In the eight years I lived in the Bay Area—three of which spent living in the heart of downtown San Francisco—I never once attended Bay to Breakers. Friends and coworkers often participated, to the point of thinking up fun and crazy costumes (usually group-themed), but I never did. I wish I could provide some valid excuse but really it just boiled down to laziness. Weekends were my sleep-in days, Sunday the holiest of holy Days of Sloth, and I'd be damned if anyone was gonna get me out of bed before ten or eleven in the morning, let alone at seven o'clock. Read more [...]
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Experienced my first New York Halloween tonight. I was, to be honest, somewhat disappointed. Overwhelming crowds made it impossible to see the parade, and the sea of people made joining the parade even more frustrating an endeavor. Read more [...]