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square one

I once went busker hunting with my X100s and brought my d700 along in case I wanted any close-up shots. Every time I pulled it out of my bag, I felt like I was intruding. Every time the shutter snapped, I wanted to apologize. Needless to say, I didn’t use it much. Read more [...]
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trick or freeze

It snowed today, the earliest New York has received at least an inch of snow in recorded weather history. I'd write more but honestly, not much else really need be said. Besides, after a night out (like a little bit of snow is gonna stop anyone) I'm in dire need of some thawing out. Read more [...]
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the man who wasn’t there

I had another shoot just last night, this time with a coworker and friend who wanted some good photos of herself. We had planned on hopping over to a park and getting some nice fun little shots in the sun. The weather, however, had other ideas, for which I'm eternally grateful. Read more [...]
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confidence men

You'd likely get a variety of answers if you were to ask different photographers to name the most important trait a photographer should have, but I think we'd all agree that confidence is pretty high up there. Read more [...]
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new york frame of mind

Like most people who grew up outside of the States, I grew up with a very specific view of the country that lead the world, which I developed through exposure to its greatest export, popular culture. The only difference was that my view was time-shifted by a few decades. And while I recognized that America was made up of fifty states that were home to millions of people living in thousands of cities, it only ever came down to one of them: New York. Read more [...]