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here comes the neighborhood

I’ve never really known my neighbors as an adult. So when I saw that my next-door neighbor was converting his brownstone into a haunted house (at his own time and I’m sure expense as well), I figured the least I could do was offer my studio to trick-or-treaters and their parents, offering to capture their costumes with something a little better than an iphone. Read more [...]
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Photography can be a pretty expensive endeavor, especially when you're still starting out and slowly building your arsenal. "Do what you can with what you've got" becomes your mantra, and "DIY" quickly joins your panoply of other photography acronyms. My little in-home studio won't work very well for more than one person, and living with a roommate means that I have to set and strike it whenever I need to use it (rather than just keep it up 24/7), but for what it is, it does a pretty good job. And for one-person shoots, it performs admirably. Read more [...]
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When Joyce approached me to update her headshots, the short time frame made finding an affordable studio pretty much impossible so we opted for shooting in my apartment. I'd never done any shoots in the new digs, and was excited to try it out. Our living room / kitchen was big enough and had a 5' white wall on one of the long ends. Not huge, but workable. Read more [...]